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10 Tips for Hotel/Motel Fire Safety

In recent years, hotels and motels have done a lot to keep guests safe from fire. But fires can happen in any building. You can increase your chance of surviving a fire by being prepared and doing the right thing in an emergency. Take the time to become familiar with your surroundings and to plan your escape in the event of fire. If a fire starts, follow the tips that we have given you and above all, stay calm.

1.     Understand your hotel or motel's firesafety system.


When you make a reservation, ask and try to stay at hotels or motels that have smoke detectors and automatic sprinklers. Upon arrival, read the fire safety and escape information posted in your room or in common areas.

2.     Find the two exits nearest your room.

Make sure they are not locked or obstructed. Count the number of doors between your room and these exits. This will enable you to find them in the dark or in smoke.

3.     Be sure you can find and unlock your room door in the dark.

Keep your room key and a flashlight close to your bed. In the event of fire, take your room key with you so you can return to your room if exits are blocked. And don't stop to take anything else.

4.     Locate the fire alarm on your floor.

If you discover a fie sound the alarm, leave the building, then call the Fire Department.

5.     If a fire starts in your room, get out and close the door.

Once you're out, sound the alarm, report the fire to the management, and call the Fire Department.

6.     Crawl low under smoke.

Smoke rises, so cleaner air will be near the floor. If you encounter smoke or fire as you're crawling, turn around and find another exit. If no exit is clear, return to you room .


7.     Never use elevators during a fire.

An elevator might stop at the floor where the fire is or malfunction as a result of the fire. Use the stairs.

8.     If you hear the fire alarm... evacuate - don't investigate.

If possible, leave the building immediately and stay out of the way of firefighters.

9.     Be sure your door is cool before you open it.

Fell the doorknob and the space between the door and its frame with the back of your hand. If your door is cool, open it slowly and go to the nearest safe exit.

10.     If your door is hot, don't open it.

If your room has another exit, check it and use it if it's cool. If the fire is outside your room, your room may be the safest place for you. Call the Fire Department to report the fire and let them know where you are trapped. Seal all cracks with wet towels. Shut off fans and air conditioners. Signal at your window or balcony and wait to be rescued.


Never smoke in Bed.

Never Cook in your room unless your room has kitchen facilities.

Unplug irons, clothing steamers, hair dryers and curling irons.