Randolph Township Fire
Ironia Fire Company #4


Ironia Fire Company #4 is assigned four vehicles to operate by the Township of Randolph. 

The apparatus identification is as follows:

Engine 41 - 2005 American LaFrance Pumper

Engine 42 - 1991 Pierce Arrow pumper

Truck 43 - 2011 Pierce Velocity 100' Platform 

Engine 44 - 1992 Ford F-350 Custom Wildland Engine


Engine 41 is a 2005 American LaFrance pumper. It currently serves as Ironia’s first due engine on all calls in Ironia. This eight personnel engine has a 1500 gpm pump with a 750 gallon booster tank. It features dual 200 foot 1¾" crosslays as well as a 100 foot 1¾" trash-line housed in the front bumper. In its hose arsenal, Engine 41 is also equipped with 1700 feet of 5" supply hose, a rear deployable 200 foot 2½" attack line, and several hundred feet of 3" supply line. This engine was designed with the intent to be a "scene pumper", so it is well outfitted with a full assortment of hand tools and investigation equipment such as a Thermal Imagining Camera and a multi-gas detector.


Engine 42 is a 1991 Pierce Arrow pumper. It is equipped to carry 7 personnel to the scene and go to work as a supply engine to back up Ladder 43. Engine 42 has a 1500 gpm Waterous dual-stage pump and carries 1000 gallons of water in its booster tank. In addition to carrying extra water, this supply engine also carries nearly 2000 feet of 5" supply line, spare S.C.B.A. cylinders and has great drafting capabilities.Photo Credit: Adam Alberti


2011 Pierce Velocity 100' Platform with no pump, custom shelves, trays and toolboards, aerial LED rope lighting, Whelen LED scene lighting Generator: Harrison hydraulic Safety: Command Zone™, Control Zone™, Electronic Stability Control, Hands-Free SCBA Brackets, PS6™ Seats, TAK-4® independent front suspension

Engine 44 is a 1992 Ford F-350 Custom. It is Randolph’s only wild-land engine and is equipped with 4x4 and is first due on all brush fires within the township. It carries 200 gallons of water in its booster tank along with 250 feet of booster hose. In addition to its water and hose, 44 also an abundance of wild-land fire rakes, shovels, bladder bags, and a chainsaw.